Sparkling wine with a twist: Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp

Sparkling wine is one of the best inventions- it’s my go-to drink year round! So I was very excited to recently try Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp sparkling wine by Sauvage. It’s produced upstate in Oneota, and made with 100% apples and Champagne yeast. The wine is also gluten-free and has a 12% ABV. Comsi Comsa is French for “Like this, Like that.” In other words, you don’t have to choose how or when you want to enjoy it. It’s a cross between cider and champagne with a full bodied taste and an amber color. Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp is delicious with the perfect mix of apple varieties and carbonation.

The wine is created in the traditional method used by the French champagnes. Yet it’s also innovative with a magical blend of apples. I enjoyed it chilled in a champagne flute, but I can imagine that it would be great in a specialty cocktail too. I love the vibrant color of the sparkling wine and how refreshing it feels on my palate. It’s not overly sweet and pairs well with cheese. Comsi Comsa is a winner in my book. Enjoy it however you want, whenever you want. At under $16 a bottle, it’s very affordable and you’ll keep coming back for it.

For more information, visit And if you happen to be in Oneota, check out the Sauvage distillery!


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