Keith Kattner’s art: A focus on landscapes and urban scenes

A few weeks ago, I stopped by a reception at DVF in Soho for Keith Kattner’s Entropy. Entropy is a solo art exhibit curated by Debbie Dickinson. Keith is a fine art landscape painter and formerly trained as an accomplished neurosurgeon. He collected art for a long time and turned his passion into an intriguing creative journey. Kattner draws inspiration from his childhood memories, such as his surfing days in Hawaii. He follows his own instinct in terms of his craft and technique. His process is self-taught and he used to spend 3 days a week at the Met, absorbing everything he could about classical art. He paints a combination of the countryside landscape and urban scenery. I love his use of highlights and multi-layered coloring. Keith’s paintings are vibrant, realistic, and filled with interesting meanings.

The Entropy exhibition consisted of reflecting water settings, residential suburbia, and city backgrounds. All of the pieces are incredibly done so it’s tough to pick my favorites! However, the paintings that really stood out for me were Thor and the Little Red Rooster, Persephone, Classical Study Two (After Lorraine), and Reflection Five. They are so realistic- you can almost imagine that you are in the scene watching from the sidelines. The paintings also have subtle references from ancient Greek mythology, to biblical connotations, and decaying undertones. The works pay tribute to the interesting relationship between creation and destruction. Hence, the title of the exhibition is so fitting.

For more information on Keith Kattner, check out What a creative and insightful artist!

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