Secondary Rhinoplasty: A natural and proportional look

Secondary rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Shahar’s specialities at Natural Look Institute. Many of his patients previously had unsuccessful  primary rhinoplasty procedures at other offices. Dr. Shahar applies his experience and artistic craft to the secondary rhinoplasty for impactful results. He ensures that the nose is proportional to the rest of the patient’s facial features. Here is more information:

A happy patient with natural looking results (photos above). Dr. Shahar is often able to correct challenging mistakes on patients who have had procedures done elsewhere and felt their final results were less than favorable. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 212-717-4066 or by visiting

You can see that the secondary surgery has given the patient more balance and a refreshed, natural look.  For optimal results, get in touch with Dr. Shahar at  212-717-4066!

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