Fat injections: Subtle improvements for a new look

Fat injections are definitely trending in the beauty arena. The treatment entails injecting fat from one part of the body to under the eyes. It opens up the eye area and provides fuller cheeks. Dr. Shahar has a highly regarded reputation for this procedure, as he delivers impressive results. You can schedule your free consultation today by calling 212-717-4066 or by visiting naturallookinstitute.com. Check out more information on the procedure down below:

REFRESH YOUR LOOK WITH A NON-INVASIVE TREATMENT This patient (photos above) had fat injections to eliminate the depression under the eyes and fill up the cheeks to enhance the overall look.  Visit naturallookinstitute.com/minifacelift to learn more.

You can see a subtle yet visible difference in the second photo. Her eyes and cheeks look reawakened. Visit Dr. Shahar for a minimal procedure with maximum results!

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