Vodka like you’ve never tasted: Upstate Vodka

All photos courtesy of Sauvage

Vodka is usually made from grains or potatoes, but I recently discovered an interesting new one that has a completely different base. It’s called Upstate Vodka, produced by Sauvage, and it’s created with apples from Upstate New York. The flavor is quite unique with a bit of a sweet taste at the beginning and then a smooth finish. It’s not an apple-flavored vodka, but you get a hint of apples when you first sip it. Afterwards, the overall flavor gets more complex. Upstate Vodka is made in small batches and has high quality standards. It is 45% Alch/Vol and it’s 90 Proof. The bottle is available in 750ml, 375ml and 50ml sizes.

While you can enjoy the spirit on its own, I see it pairing well with club soda, cranberry juice, cider, or anything sweet. The all-natural vodka is definitely in an innovative category. It has been recognized with some prestigious awards such as the Gold Medal 2019 SIP Awards and the Gold Medal 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition. You can find Upstate Vodka in a variety of places in the New York metropolitan area: It’s also available online at Cabrini Wines & Spirits. The product is quite refreshing, and full of zest. Cheers to new discoveries!

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