Dinner party of the year: Le Dîner en Blanc

Photos from previous Le Dîner en Blanc events in New York. All by Eric Vitale

Dinner party vibes put me in a great mood. So I’m excited to share that Le Dîner en Blanc is returning for its 9th consecutive year on July 17 in New York! This impressive culinary event brings together crowds of invited guests, all dressed in white. They’ll dine and dance in a beautiful outdoor space. These guests will bring white chairs, small white tables, and creative decorations for their areas. They’ll also bring their own dishes or can preorder curated baskets to pick up at the event. Le Dîner en Blanc is one of the hottest summer events in the city. This year, over 5500 guests are expected to attend. They’ll all gather at a unique, undisclosed location to celebrate the occasion, which is revealed at the last minute to continue the spontaneity of the event. In 2018, there were 64,000 people on the New York wait list!

Le Dîner en Blanc is an innovative global phenomenon that takes place in the US and all over major cities in the world. It is THE dinner party, foodie event of the year all around the world, and this year over 130,000 food lovers, cultural enthusiasts and fashionistas will celebrate at iconic outdoor venues in 80 cities spanning 30 countries, 30 in the U.S. including several US premieres. The three new US cities are: Fort Lauderdale, Harford and Raleigh.

The celebratory event is by invitation only, typically provided by friends and friends of friends who have participated in the past. Another way to attend is via the often-extensive wait lists in each city. Attending this event is completely worth it; you’ll never see such a beautiful display of guests dressed head to toe in white dining under the stars and enjoying a one-of-a-kind ambience. The experience is incredible. Looking forward to this year’s Le Dîner en Blanc!



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