TWIST by Pinch Food Design: Artistic and innovative cocktail experiences

I recently attended a launch party for TWIST, a new craft cocktail division at Pinch Food Design, an innovative New York catering company. I’ve seen Pinch impress crowds  with its food stations before. So I knew that TWIST had to be something special too. Imagine customized bar activations with top mixologists creating imaginative, enticing cocktails. I love watching mixologists take pride in their craft, delivering an enjoyable experience for everyone. Whatever cocktail concept dream you have in mind, TWIST can make it come to life. The brand designed mobile bar furniture to cater to every flavor preference.  I find that each station offers something unique and sensational. These activations include a Market Cart for preparing fresh seasonal cocktails, a Marble Slab for chilled cocktails, and a Pour Over for creating multiple cocktails at once. Wine Balons and Craft Beer stations are also available.
At the launch event, these concepts had great appeal. I liked sampling a Hibiscus cocktail infused with rum at the pour over station. The pour-over process is absolutely fascinating! Over at the Market Cart, I savored a tequila cocktail mixed with tarragon, beets, and carrots, and pear-ginger shrub. It was so entertaining to watch the mixologist combine the fresh ingredients together in a French Press with the tequila. Watching Chardonnay decant at the Wine Balon station was even very exciting. I really felt engaged in the whole preparation and presentation experience at every station. Everyone just kept mentioning how amazing the cocktail concepts are. The lasting impression is hypnotic!
TWIST just launched this month and it should be interesting to see how the brand grows in the city in the coming year. If you want to hire the highly innovative brand for your next event, whether it’s a cocktail party, wedding, or other spirited celebration, definitely visit or call 212-244-7000. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

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