Bar Schimmi: A one-stop venue for unique art and music

Last weekend, I got an exclusive sneak peek of a hip new spot in Williamsburg called Bar Schimmi at Schimanski. It features an impressive 22-foot bar constructed from salvaged wood and funky industrial lighting. Iconic designer Patricia Field hosted an opening party at the venue for Ben Copperwheat, a pop artist and print designer.  Copperwheat showcased pop art pieces of Hilary Clinton, David Bowie, Madonna, Joan Rivers, and Barack Obama. Bar Schimmi’s Owner Eddie Dean and the space’s designer Sana Bindra were there to greet over a 100 guests to the party such as fellow artist Kevin McHugh and actor Dean Winters.  I enjoyed the house music that the venue’s DJ was playing in the background. I also liked seeing a mixed crowd of art, fashion, and music aficionados, all in one place!

Copperwheat’s art will continue to adorn Bar Schimmi’s walls for the next two months. It’s great that the venue will have rotating art exhibits and have ongoing live music programming as well. Bar Schimmi will officially open to the public in April and it’s sure to be a happening spot in Brooklyn!

Artist Ben Copperwheat and Patricia Field at Bar Schimmi (Photo Credit: Julian Cassady)

Patricia Field Dean Winters at Bar Schimmi (Photo Credit: Julian Cassady)

(Photo Credit: Julian Cassady)

(Photo Credit: Julian Cassady)

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