Peeled Snacks: An assortment of snacks that deliver on taste and wellness

I recently had the pleasure of trying a couple of products from Peeled Snacks and I’m hooked! Peeled Snacks is all about using natural, sustainable, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients to produce the tastiest and healthiest snacks. One of the products I tried is called Apple-2-the-core which consists of organic gently-dried apples and nothing else added-not even sugar, oil, or preservatives. It’s a great source of vitamins and fiber plus it’s so tasty!

The other snack that I tried is Peas Please, the brand’s newest product which comes in 3 different flavors: Sea Salt, Garden Herb, and Southwest Spice. It’s the only baked organic pea snack on the market and it provides 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 1 whole veggie per serving. I was really impressed with how crunchy delicious each of the flavor varieties are! Sea Salt has just the right amount of salt, Garden Herb has a perfect savory balance, and Southwest Spice packs in a burst of spicy flavor. Who knew that peas could be so appealing! I’m happy to have found healthy snacks that truly taste great. Both Peas Please and Apple-2-the-core are the perfect on-the-go or in-between meals snacks! They’re available at,, and Whole Foods.


Apple-2-the-core (photo caption: Peeled Snacks)

Apple-2-the-core (photo credit: Peeled Snacks)

The 3 flavor varieties of Peas Please (photo caption: Peeled Snacks)

The 3 flavor varieties of Peas Please (photo credit: Peeled Snacks)

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