My experience at Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute

As I previously mentioned earlier this week, I went to Natural Look Institute for my scheduled procedure: fat filler injections. Dr. Shahar thoroughly described everything that would take place. He was attentive and willingly answered any questions I had. First, Dr. Shahar drew around the areas of my eyes where the fat would be injected. Next, he drew around the area of my stomach were a small amount of fat would be extracted. He then gave me anesthesia for both sections. I was somewhat nervous, as this is the first time I’ve ever gotten fat filler injections. Plus, I’m wary of needles. However, Dr. Shahar helped calm me down by talking me through everything and assuring me that things would go smoothly.

Following the anesthesia, he removed the fat with a tiny cannula and then harvested it. He then carefully inserted the fat into each eye depression. The process took perhaps 20-30 minutes. Dr. Shahar has a pleasant demeanor and I liked that he shared insights about the procedure the entire time. I felt some slight pinches and pressure, but no excruciating pain. I finished up my visit with a superficial peel to give my entire face a revitalized glow.

I was able to go about my day afterwards with only the slightest discomfort. I had some minor swelling, but that’s normal and it subsides shortly after. Interested in learning more? Visit or call 212-717-4066. Stay tuned for my before and after photos later next week.  Happy weekend!

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