A little preview of my procedures at Natural Look Institute

Today, I’m meeting with Dr. Shahar at Natural Look Institute to have a small procedure done.  It’s called a fat injection, which is non-invasive and only takes 20 minutes. The doctor will take some of my own fat from my stomach with a tiny cannula. It doesn’t leave any holes or marks.  The fat is injected under my eyes to the depression areas and to my cheek bones to create a youthful look. As Dr. Shahar explained to me, it is the only procedure that can make you look younger, as it enhances your eyes.

This procedure has nothing to do with how young or old you are. It’s just a matter of whether you have depression areas under your eyes or not. I will share with you more after my procedure. I’m very excited and happy with Dr. Shahar. I like his approach and methods of explaining and recommending the procedure that will make me look my best. Have a great day!

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