Indie Beauty Expo: An impressive showcase of innovative brands

Last week, I attended the Indie Beauty Expo at Metropolitan Pavilion. I had a great time speaking with a number of people representing innovative skin care, hair care, nail care, wellness, and lifestyle brands. The vast amount of insightful information and products truly impressed me. I liked the assorted range of beauty supplements from Hum Nutrition, the pH-based skincare line from PHACE Bioactive, and the anti-aging skin care line from Trufora. The aloe-based hair care line from HydroHair and the plant-based makeup line from Saint Cosmetics also impressed me. Other cool brands included Bottega Organica, Emmqus, Ciro Cell, True Horinga, Nugg, Raw Spirit, Goldfadden MD, OY-L, Lift Lab, Vertere, Dome Beauty, 12 Benefits, and Amika.

I love that this is an annual event where innovative and eco-friendly brands come together to showcase emerging beauty trends. Each of the brands has a unique story and beneficial purpose to cater to and fit different needs and lifestyles. I’m so excited to try out all of the products that I received at the expo. I’ll definitely be sharing product reviews in the coming months!

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