Desigual AW17: Funky chic meets evocative glamour

I always get excited to see the Desigual runway show during New York Fashion Week and the new AW17 collection certainly doesn’t disappoint. It takes inspiration from the subcultural beauty and identity of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and gives these elements a modern take. Mixed prints and vibrant colors are paired to create unique, stunning looks. I would usually think that these components would look off together, but for this collection they perfectly complement each other. I loved the dominant elements in the collection: funky newsboy caps, show-stopping prints, color-blocking, and crisscross tights. The styles are trendy chic, innovative, feminine, and full of eclectic life.

There are so many looks that I can see myself wearing, but here are my favorites. I loved a mixed print coat over a blue plaid dress and purple crisscross tights, paired with a gray feathery newsboy  cap. Another look that spoke to me was a color-block sweater paired with red plaid pants. I also liked a denim-accented jacket paired with a matching mini skirt and purple crisscross tights. Lastly, I was drawn to a black leather jacket with flower embellishments paired with a similarly-styled skirt and white tights. Each of the looks had an essence of edginess, free spirit, and sensuality, celebrating vitality and expression.  What an impressive collection!

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