CVS Health: Innovative wellness products

CVS Pharmacy recently invited me to a press preview that showcased CVS Health, its new flagship product line of health and wellness products. I’m a frequent CVS shopper so I was excited to get an exclusive first look! The line includes over 2500 products covering 19 categories such as allergies, cold and flu, digestive health, first aid, vitamins, diet and nutrition, eye care, sun care, nicotine replacement therapy, home diagnostics, women’s wellness, and much more. CVS Health products focus on 3 key standards: innovation, quality, and efficacy. They’re sold at prices that are 20 to 40 percent less than other comparable brands.

I’m impressed by the new packaging and all of the innovations that CVS is bringing to the market. I definitely have some favorite products such as the Instant Cooling Itch Spray, which has hydrocortisone for a touchless application, the Manuka Honey Adhesive Pads to help with wound healing, Ibuprofen which has an easy-to-open bottle cap, and Fiber Gummies, a tasty way to get the recommended daily dose of fiber. These high quality products truly support wellness and showcase CVS Pharmacy’s commitment to embracing its stores as premier health and beauty destinations. I’m thrilled about this new product line and hope you’ll all check it out!

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