Coppertone: The suncare game changing expert

Coppertone, a leading suncare brand, recently invited me to an exclusive fitness and beauty event at Midtown Terrace to celebrate the launch of its reformulated SPORTS line. When the summer season starts, my skin burns easily if I don’t wear sunblock- especially when I run outdoors- so I was excited to learn more at the launch. The event started off with a rooftop workout with Kelley O’Hara, US Women’s National Team Defender, led by Keoni Hudoba, creator of Cyc Fitness. It was an intense yet thrilling full-body workout with an incredible view of the city’s skyline! Everyone at the event had the chance to test out and be sun-protected with Coppertone’s new fast-absorbing lotion and spray formulas in SPF 15, 30 and 50.

I love that the new suncare products feel light yet they deliver the ultimate high-performance sun protection. They also refuel your skin with antioxidants and increase hydration, giving your skin the replenishment it needs when you’re active outdoors. It’s also great that they don’t clog your pores.  They’re complimented by COPPERTONE® CLEARLYSheer® AfterSun Moisturizer and COPPERTONE® SPORT® AfterSun Moisturizer, new formulas that revitalize your skin when you head indoors.

On top of learning about Coppertone’s new products at the event, Kelley O’hara and Dr. Elizabeth Hale, dermatologist and consultant to Coppertone shared insightful beauty tips when it comes to sun protection. We all had the opportunity to meet and chat with Kelley as well. It was such a great event for getting ready for an active summer!

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