Braun x Whalebone Summer Escape: Grooming takes the spotlight

This past weekend, Braun invited me to Braun x Whalebone Summer Escape at Hero Beach Club in Montauk for a grooming celebration. It was the perfect afternoon! Guests enjoyed playing jumbo Connect Four, Jenga, and Cornhole. They also had Archer Roose Wine, Montauk Brewing Co., Ketel One, Just Water, and some small bites. Dan Gregory, Braun’s Global Ambassador and founder of Man Made in London, was at the event giving advice on how to stay well-groomed. He also did some quick shaves on a few guests with the Braun Series 6. Whalebone Media was also on site selling its branded caps and t-shirts. It was a relaxing oasis that celebrated grooming style.

Speaking of grooming, Dan Gregory had some great tips for men. He mentioned that you should make smooth movements when shaving as opposed to rough, fast movements. When shaving your neck, you should hold the skin taut with two fingers on own hand while shaving the area with the other hand. He also stated that the Braun Series 5 is great because it combines shaving and brushing into 1 tool. It also leaves a smooth shave in a matter of minutes, making it easy and quick. Dan is very knowledgeable about grooming and his tips were so informative. What an invigorating afternoon!


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