Bella Gioia: A culinary adventure in Brooklyn

Italian food is definitely my favorite cuisine so I was stoked to try out Bella Gioia in Park Slope Brooklyn. It’s been around since 2014 and features innovative Sicilian comfort food. Chef Nick “Nico” Daniele, who has been in the NYC culinary scene for some time, owns the restaurant. His dishes celebrate traditional Sicilian recipes with modern twists. The restaurant is beautiful with rustic furniture and colorful accents. It seats 62 people and features an inviting bar. Bella Gioia is a gem with a charming atmosphere and delicious food.

Speaking of the food, my friend and I decided to try an array of dishes that Chef Nico suggested. We started with a salad called the Fennel and Orange, which features apples, pecans, and a citrus vinaigrette. It’s such a refreshing, flavorful salad with fresh ingredients. Next, we had some pasta that included Pasta cu Sarde, a pasta with sardines; Pappardelle cu Coda di Bue, a pasta with oxtail; and Tumminia, a pasta with pesto and almonds. The pasta is so tasty and unique!

Lastly, we finished off with dessert. First, we tried the Giardino, a soufflé type dessert with chocolate crumbs on top in a small flower pot. Then we had the Panna Cotta with strawberry and mint. Both desserts were delicious, and I’m still dreaming about them!

Bella Gioia does an outstanding job at delivering an inventive menu. For an unparalled experience, definitely go dine there!

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