2018 Summer Fancy Food Show: Highlighting gourmet specialties

Summer Fancy Food Show is one of the yearly events that I always look forward to. The 64th annual show took place at the Javits Center earlier this month and hosted over 2600 exhibitors from over 54 countries around the world. The exhibitors take up almost two entire floors of the venue to showcase their appealing products. This year’s partner country for the show was Greece. I met with DRY Sparkling, Jelly Belly, Chickapea Pasta, Crafted Brand Co., Unreal, Kind, Wine Sticks, and so many other brands. All of the representatives showed an extensive knowledge on their products and were very gracious. I loved seeing products from Italy, USA, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Chile, and so many other countries!

While it’s difficult to see everything since there are so many exhibitors, I really enjoy the flavorful experience. I definitely made sure to try products that I didn’t get to have last year, and I also saw a lot of new products at the trade show. It’s wonderful trying a lot of new products and getting to talk to the interesting people behind the assortment of brands. I’m looking forward to next year’s show already. Congratulations Summer Fancy Food Show on an invigorating, successful experience this year!

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