Adrienne Landau F16: A creative twist on fur styles

During NYFW, I was invited to Adrienne Landau’s Fall 2016 collection presentation that was held at a pop-up space in Midtown Manhattan. Her collection featured an all new unisex accessories line that complemented her men’s and women’s ready to wear lines. Fur was the prominent fabric in the collection but leather, cashmere, and sheer fabrics were used as well. I loved the color palette which ranged from beige, orange, black, red, cream, to mixed prints. The looks, inspired by NYC streetwear, were vibrant, innovative, alluring, and trendy chic.

I enjoyed all of the looks, but my favorites included: a gray fur poncho over a black tiered dress, a cream coat over a black top and black sequin skirt, a mixed fur jacket over a black mini dress, a black fur bomber jacket over silver crop top and black shorts, a black fur jacket over a silver bandeau and white sheer pants, a red fur jacket with black trims over a black sheer outfit, and a black and white fur coat over black sequin pants. I was impressed by the mixture of fabrics, colors, and style combinations. The fur jackets will definitely be coveted items!


IMG_3145 IMG_3147 IMG_3149 IMG_3154 IMG_3159 IMG_3161 IMG_3146 IMG_3152

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