Snack Bonanza: Hot new trends in the arena

Last month, I attended the Editor Showcase: Snack Attack! at Marriott Marquis in Times Square. This event brings together a variety of brands that share the hottest new snacks and trends for 2019. These brands included 88 Acres, Black Forest, PRO Bar, Nerds, Frito Lay, Farmer’s Pantry, Jarlsberg, Sprout, PepsiCo, SweeTARTS, Drizzilicious, and Crunchmaster. Such a great mix of sweet and savory snack brands! I love having go-to snacks at home and being able to recommend awesome snacks to my friends! Here I’ll share some quick highlights from the event.

What a treat to see SweeTARTS and Nerds. My family and friends know that I’m a candy fiend so my face lit up! SweetTarts has come out with Mini Chewy Pieces, Ro!s Bites, and Ropes in a variety of delicious fruity flavors. Nerds has Tropical and Rainbow Fruit Ropes as well as Rainbow Nerds. In going along with sweet snacks, Black Forest had some yummy Gummy Bears and Organic Gummy Bears on hands. Drizzilious had an amazing variety of crispy sweet snacks made with whole grains, quinoa, chia and flax. 88 acres showcased an amazing line of seed bars and seed butters, which are sweet and healthy. PROBAR shared its impressive line of plant-based, gluten-free Protein bars and snacks.

Moving on to the savory snacks, I was super excited to see Frito Lay there. The brand showcased its Jalapeno Poppables which are outstanding. Pepsi shared its Simply Organic White Cheddar Cheetos that have no artificial colors or flavors and are delicious. Farmer’s Pantry had an assorted range of corn bread crisps, with its tasty Jalapeno flavor as its new hot item. Jarlsberg showcased its new cheese sticks that are only 100 calories and easy-to-go snacks. Sprout showed off its Curlz, plant-powered snacks made from organic chickpeas and lentils: tasty and healthy! Lastly, Crunchmaster shared its Multi-Grain Crackers that are made with brown rice, quinoa, flax, sesame, quinoa, and amaranth.

This event definitely gave me the opportunity to discover a lot of great snacks. The new trends in the market are very impressive. Looking forward to next year’s Editor Showcase: Snack Attack!



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