Tani: A brand that blends luxurious style and functionality

 I was recently introduced to Tani, a cutting-edge line of luxury underwear, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed. The brand started off with solely a men’s collection of underwear, loungewear and thermal clothing, but it just launched its first women’s Spring/Summer 2016 line called the SilkCut collection. The brand uses innovative, rare fabrics from around the world to create the softest, most comfortable undergarments possible. The SilkCut collection is the only line of undergarments made with Micro Modal Air Fabric, which is softer and thinner than the finest silk. It’s also very durable and pulls moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry.  

Tani graciously sent me the SilkCut Long Sleeve Shirt, the HipHugger Panty with Sheer Waist Band, and the SilkCut Slip. I must say that the pieces truly are luxurious, soft, and comfortable. I’m amazed by how the fabric stretches and recovers to provide the perfect fit and level of comfort. I’m in such a good mood when I wear the items because I love the quality, smoothness, and style. I’ve even washed the pieces a couple of times already, and not only have they not faded, but they continue to retain the softness and perfect fit. Definitely check Tani out…the design, quality, and performance is unparalleled!

SilkCut Long Sleeve Shirt (Photo credit: Tani)

SilkCut Long Sleeve Shirt (Photo credit: Tani)

HipHugger panty with Sheer Waist Band (Photo credit: Tani)

HipHugger Panty with Sheer Waist Band
(Photo credit: Tani)

SilkCut slip (Photo credit: Tani)

SilkCut Slip (Photo credit: Tani)

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