&pizza: A hip kind of culinary and cultural experience

Recently, &pizza, a Washington-based brand opened its doors in the Flatiron district. I got to check it out in its soft opening period, and wow can I tell you how spectacular it is! The venue features mixed media art installations by local artists and employs NY design materials for a unique, hyperlocal feel. I’m impressed by the notion that it’s more than just a pizza joint; it’s an experience for connecting with the city’s art and culture, the brand’s employees (known as the Tribe), and enjoying great food.

Speaking of amazing food, &pizza definitely knows how to create delicious pizza combinations. With options such as the Moonstruck, a mushroom-based pizza; American Honey, a pepperoni and honey concoction; and Maverick, a meat lovers creation, there’s a rich range of flavors. Or if you want to customize your pizza, from picking the type of dough to the number of toppings, that’s also an option. I love the oblong shape of the pizza- it’s so unique!

There’s also a range of beverages to choose from for an additional unparalleled vibe. They include signature craft fountain selections such as Dark Cherry Cola, Cereal Milk Cream Soda, and signature teas such as Peach Ginger Tea, and Sweet mint Tea. No matter what you order at &pizza, you’re sure to have a delicious, memorable experience!

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