La Nuit En Rosé: A wonderful exploration of rosé wines

Last month, La Nuit En Rosé took place on the Hornblower Infinity Yacht at Pier 54. This is a festival dedicated exclusively to rosé wine that brings together wine labels from around the world. Over 150 wines were showcased at the event! Some of these labels included Mouton Cadet, Veuve du Vernay, Day Owl, Maison Marcel, Rosé Piscine, Angry Orchard Rosé, and Freixnet Mionetto. The Palm by Whispering Angel, JNSQ Rosé Cru, Bonterra, and Silva Bella were also part of the mix. All of the wine distributors were quite approachable and very knowledgeable about their extensive wine portfolios.

I loved the outstanding setup for La Nuit En Rosé! A pink carpet greeted you as you walked onto the yacht. The wines were displayed on all 3 floors of the yacht and an assortment of food was available as well. This included President Cheese, risotto from Risoteria Melotti, and other small bites. There was plenty of pretty pink decor floating around in the spirit of rosé. Lively music from the DJ was pumping throughout as well. The yacht went cruising on the Hudson River for the last 2 hours of the event, and it was such a pleasant ride. It was a bit breezy but nothing that a nice glass of rosé couldn’t handle. Cheers to rosé and next year’s cruise!

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