Kellogg’s NYC National Cereal Day celebration: Cheers to cereal

Earlier this month, Kellogg’s invited me to its National Cereal Day Countdown Bash at its café in Union Square. I loved the food creations that ranged from custom cereal mixes, Special K® Falafel bites to liquid nitrogen Froot Loops® cheesecake bites. There were also Froot Loops® and Cocoa Krispies® infused specialty cocktails. This is the first year that Kellogg’s has hosted such a celebration and it was impressive. Guests enjoyed posing with Kellogg’s characters including Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam at a customized photo booth.  They also listened to beats spun by DJ Flipside and marveled at the giant disco “bowl” hanging from the venue’s ceiling.  Giant cereal boxes also lined the ceiling and shelves of cereal boxes appeared throughout the venue as well.

The biggest treat of the celebration included a performance by Hailee Steinfeld. She sang “Love Myself,” “Let Me Go,” “Starving,” and “Most Girls.” Her set was electrifying and had everyone dancing and singing along. Hailee is a huge cereal fan so fittingly she closed her set out by leading a midnight countdown to mark National Cereal Day officially. Tons of confetti flew throughout the venue. The following day the venue opened to the public where they could try all of the new cereal recipes. What a wonderful mix of treats! Looking forward to Kellogg’s National Cereal Day celebration next year!


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