Indie Beauty Expo: The ultimate arena for independent beauty brands

Last month, I checked out the Indie Beauty Expo at Pier 94. Indie Beauty Expo is a 2-day event that showcases independent beauty brands, supporting their growth and success in the marketplace. It also featured panels on timely topics such as indie beauty packaging and social media. Over 240 brands exhibited their products at the event. Some of these brands included Codex Beauty, PYT, Lucky, Blessed Moon, REALHER, Cleo&Coco, IBY Beauty, and SPARITUALIST, and more. I love how the majority of the exhibiting brands use natural, clean ingredients.

There were so many incredible brands to check out, but let me fill you on my highlights from the event. Crystal Clean Skincare has developed a revolutionary wand that reduces wrinkles and instantly brightens your skin. Lucky Chick has the most vibrant lipsticks and liquid eyeshadows to express your personality. Clove Hallow has a wide range of concealers and foundations for every skin tones. Solara is a non-toxic mineral sun care line that rejuvenates your skin. I Woke Up Like This is a Korean skincare line that’s cruelty-free and designed for millennials who want healthy flawless skin. Cleo&Coco makes magnesium and charcoal activated natural deodorants and dusting power & dry shampoos.

Wow, I learned so much about clean beauty at the Indie Beauty Expo. It’s shocking how many synthetic ingredients are in certain beauty products. Now, I’m definitely more mindful of product ingredients. Looking forward to next year’s Indie Beauty Expo!

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