Foot Locker debuts an artistic and innovative campaign

Recently, Foot Locker invited me to the opening night of a unique gallery installation in Soho. The installation celebrated the April 18th drop of the brand’s exclusive profile of the Nike Air Max Plus. It’s available in “Before the Bite” and “After the Bite” colorways. These sneakers embrace the hard work it takes to succeed (“Before The Bite”) and the dedication to continuing to thrive (“After The Bite”). These traits are relatable, and Foot Locker has done a great job in presenting a campaign that spotlights the sneakers’ stories.

Speaking of spotlights, Foot Locker featured 20 emerging artists from the U.S. and Canada at the gallery. A group of recognizable individuals in the art arena selected them: MADSTEEZ, 13th Witness, and Baron Von Fancy. These three curators picked the 20 “Before the Bite” submissions particularly for their innovativeness, quality, and expected probability of the artists to prosper “After the Bite,” as inspired by the Nike Air Max Plus sneakers. Each of these artists got a pair of both the Nike Air Max Plus “Before the Bite” and “After the Bite” sneakers. They now have their artwork showcased online. Check out to see the work of all of these talented artists.

In Brooklyn, there was also a larger-than-life installation that showed off the sneakers and their shark-like mentality. You can see what it looked like at the end of my post. Such an incredible feat!

Continuing this hustling and thriving journey, Foot Locker partnered with up-and-coming rapper LGP-Qua on his new music video for his original track “Hungry.” Every verse reveals LGP-Qua’s perspective on his journey to success. The video features LGP Qua wearing “Before the Bite” and “After the Bite” sneakers. What an amazing way to bring together fashion, art, music, and the path to success!

LGP-Qua (Photo Credit: Foot Locker)

Baron Von Fancy, MADSTEEZ and 13th Witness (Photo Credit: Foot Locker)

Photo Credit: Foot Locker

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