Fine jewelry by Anna Sheffield: Stunning collections

I checked out Anna Sheffield’s new fine jewelry collections Celestine and Flying Flowers at 11 Howard last week. Anna is based in downtown NYC and her handcrafted jewelry is exquisite, made with mixed precious gems, metals, and diamonds.  Each fine jewelry piece is one-of-a-kind with the utmost attention to detail and with a sophisticated appeal. Anna’s Celestine collection consists of celestially-themed jewelry that brings La Belle Époque to mind. All of the pieces have star-spangled crowns and vibrant halos of shimmering diamonds. Her Flying Flowers collection is a tribute to the butterfly’s unique beauty. It’s a mix of colorful designs and folded wings made with moonstone, morganite, pearls, and sapphires.

I can’t get over how stunning the collections are! I loved all of the pieces from the dazzling ear cuffs, to the innovative rings, to the stunning bracelets and necklaces. It’s tough to pick favorite pieces, but I must say that I was blown away by a 5-diamond ring, a set of nesting bands made of gold, pearls, diamonds, and a ruby, and a gold hanging necklace with diamonds and blue sapphires.  I love how the jewelry is both playful and sophisticated simultaneously. Check out more pieces from the 2 collections down below. They are absolutely mesmerizing!

IMG_9065 IMG_9066_1 IMG_9067_1 IMG_9068-1 IMG_9069-1 IMG_9074_1 IMG_9076_1 IMG_9080 IMG_9082


Me with Anna Sheffield

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