Event Alert: Diner en Blanc returns to NYC for an epic night

Photo by: Navid Baraty


Photography by: Jane Kratochvil


Photo by: Jane Kratochvil


Photography by: Eric Vitale


Photo by: Jane Kratochvil

Diner en Blanc is an event like no other that embraces elegance, city experiences, and enchantment. It’s one my favorite annual events, and I’m excited to share that it is soon returning to New York for its 11th year with over 5000 guests expected! Diner en Blanc is an outdoor dinner party concept that started in Paris. It has since then expanded worldwide with NYC as its US launch city in 2011. The soiree is scheduled for Thursday, September 14 at a secret location in the city that gets revealed moments before the event begins.

Guests will wear their best all-white outfits and bring white tables, chairs, and accessories to decorate and celebrate an unforgettable evening with friends, food, and wine. Past Diner en Blanc events featured an impressive variety of entertainment such as circus-style dancers, unique live bands, and innovative DJS.  Previous event locations include Battery Park, Lincoln Center, and Governor’s Island. This affair is unparalleled!

To get a taste of this in incredible experience, check out this video from last year’s event: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2oAV8ROdGp4

Expect plenty of unforgettable moments throughout the evening. One of them is the epic napkin waving where guests wave their napkins to get dinner started. Another one happens as guests share conversations with another and enjoy their delicious meals. Guests will also be curious about who has the best table decorations and will explore and remember the stand out, one-of-a-kind displays.

This event currently has a waitlist, but you should still register at https://register.dinerenblanc.com/newyork/en/register? because you could get lucky and attend a unique, entertaining affair! I’m definitely looking forward to THE culinary, celebratory event of the year!

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