Dessert Goals: A sweet-toothed paradise

I attended Dessert Goals a couple of weeks ago, and what a sweet adventure it was! The Spring 2019 edition marked the sweet festival’s 6th activation and took place at Sound Studios in Long Island City. It featured a wide assortment of dessert vendors selling chocolate, ice cream, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, cakes, and more. Vendors included Stax Ice Cream, Squish Marshmallow, Matcha n’ More, ROYCE’ Chocolate, Eight Turn Crepe, and 17 other delightful vendors. Desserts ranged from around $5 to $12 each. This fest’s theme was Party Animal and all of the vendors created some amazing and colorful desserts. Some vendors even had animal-inspired confections. Dessert Goals was certainly a sweet aficionado’s dream with a good mix of treats!

In addition to the desserts, guests enjoyed other activations at the event. There was an Instagram Garden everyone could pose in that had custom backdrops. Guests also had access to a complimentary candy bar by Sour Punch and Red Vines. Pop Chips also was on hand giving out savory snacks. In addition, Boxed Water, Sparkling Ice, and Harmless Harvest offered guests free beverages. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream gave free mochi treats as well.

Dessert Goals proved to be an invigorating, sugar-filled adventure! My favorite dessert was a donut ice cream sandwich from Stax Ice Cream- such a sweet combination! I also enjoyed the matcha chocolate from Royce Chocolate- the perfect amount of sweetness! I’m so glad that I could check the festival out. It allowed guests to sample and purchase a great assortment of desserts from locally based vendors. Looking forward to seeing what’s planned for next year!

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