Betty Boop merchandise: Show-stopping products

I’ve always been a huge fan of Betty Boop! What better way to celebrate her cool personality than with themed merchandise? At, you’ll find a great assortment of  apparel, home goods, and accessories that are all Betty Boop-themed. I recently had the chance to see some of these products in person and I must say I was super impressed! The t-shirts are very cute and the purses and mugs are so stylish. These products are the perfect holiday gifts, but they’re also great year round to add an extra boost to your day. Check out some of my favorite items down below and be sure to check out for more fun goodies!

photo 2 IMG_5567 IMG_5572 IMG_5568 IMG_5565 IMG_5569 photo 3 IMG_5571 IMG_5570 IMG_5573

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