beautypress Spotlight Day: Unique beauty brands shine

A couple of weeks ago, beautypress invited me to its annual beautypress Spotlight Day at Midtown Loft and Terrace. I had the chance to learn about some great beauty brands at the event. I learned about Curl Keeper, which creates products for curly hair solutions; Pura D’or, which makes organic products for hair loss prevention; Jouviance, an anti-aging line from Canada; Elke Von Freudenberg, a line exclusively designed for brows by a celebrity brow expert; and Youth Corridor, a physician-developed skincare line for damage prevention and skin health. Primp and Polish also gave me a fabulous gel manicure and I stayed hydrated with beverages by Daily Greens.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see a vintage perfume bottle collection at the event. Collector Sudhir Gupta of Eau De Luxe showcased a vast collection of beautiful antique bottles. He talked about his passion for perfumes and the impressive way they’ve been packaged over the years. Gupta plans on opening a fragrance museum in New York, hopefully in Fall 2016.

I’m so glad that I connected with these brands and look forward to trying some of their products out. They’re definitely innovative and have inspired me to switch up my beauty routine. Stay tuned for product reviews in the coming months!


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