beautypress Spotlight Day: A fall showcase of inventive brands

Last month, beautypress invited me to its fall season beautypress Spotlight Day at Midtown Loft and Terrace. I learned about some exceptional beauty brands at the event. I enjoyed talking to reps for PARODI Professional Care, a skincare line for dry, sensitive, and irritated hands and feet. I also discovered Mirai Clinical, a Japanese skincare line that is driven by the philosophy less is more. BCL Naturals impressed me with its natural haircare line that delivers true performance. I also enjoyed learning about NOTE Cosmetics, a  global makeup brand of beautiful, rich colors and globally sourced botanicals. Dr. Marder, is an impressive haircare line that addresses dermatitis and seborrhea.

I also came across a few intimate skin care brands at the event. PrivateRX, showcased its skincare line that delivers moisturizing, anti-aging benefits for the skin of a woman’s most intimate area. Summer’s Eve displayed its Cleansing Cloths, Cleansing Wash and other products for feeling fresh down there.

All of the brands had such innovative, useful products. I’m looking forward to trying these products out. Be sure to check them out!

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