AgnesKovacs: Handbags with an innovative character

Recently, I checked out the AgnesKovacs NYFW presentation at Beautique. Agnes Kovacs started her own handbag line in Hungary a few years ago while she was still in college. Her passion for leather, modern design, and urban surroundings fueled her creativity for the line. AgnesKovacs handbags mix Scandinavian minimalism, French chic, Japanese precision, and the richness of the Italian leather, for a stunningly innovative design. Each of the bags consists of one single piece of leather that’s folded, bent, and then stitched, a process that reinforces the product’s value and durability. I styled the LIÉ clutch in pink with my NYFW Day 1 outfit and loved its uniqueness and beauty!
While the LIÉ clutch is certainly my favorite, a number of other handbags also caught my eyes. I loved the PONS clutch, the PONS handbag, the LIÉ mini backpack, the PONS backpack, and the ASYMMETRIC messenger bag. The bags are artistic, refined masterpieces with a bold attitude. I’m so impressed with the quality craftsmanship. Leather has never looked so stylish!

AgnesKovacs img_1115 img_1119 img_1116 img_1121 img_1122

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