7 Charming Sisters: A stylish trendsetting brand

Smart, creative, and stylish brands intrigue me. That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered 7 Charming Sisters. Seven “work sisters” who’ve worked together for 10 to 15 years created this innovative jewelry brand. The sisters are: Paula, the sophisticated Classy Chick; Kim, the vibrant Life of the Party; Jennifer, the go-to Fashionista; Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly; Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd; Kimberly, the cute Girl Next Door; and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom. I love how all of the jewelry pieces resonate with a variety of personalities and have intricate details. They embrace style, vibrancy, and glamour.

I like all of the different collections but I especially love the Best Dressed Earrings and Your Stock Is Up Necklace. The Best Dressed Earrings are part of the Paula collection and are perfect with a little black dress or even a dressy top and a sequin skirt. I love how from different angles you can either see the smoky gray crystals, the gold details, or a sparkly shine first. Your Stock Is Up Necklace is from the Jessica collection and it’s the perfect party statement. The layering is stunning and it has multiple materials including gold plated zinc metal alloy, crystals, and synthetic pearls. My style goes from classy sophistication to party ready so I like that I can pick pieces from the different collections.  Check out how I styled the pieces down below!

7 Charming Sisters is not only fashionably-oriented but community-oriented as well. It’s dedicated to helping people with disabilities to find jobs and hires disabled people to work in their studio. These individuals handcraft a number of the brand’s pieces. I feel good wearing these pieces knowing that there’s a socially conscious aspect behind 7 Charming Sisters.  What a clever and stylish brand!

*This post is sponsored by and in collaboration with 7 Chaming Sisters.


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