Eagle Bay Boot: Timberland’s new eco-friendly style

I’m so excited to share that Timberland has launched a new shoe called the Eagle Bay Boot! It’s a modern, eco-conscious take on a popular favorite, the Earthkeepers, which is a rugged pair of stylish boots designed with a sustainable structure. The Eagle Bay Boot is attention-grabbing, sleek, modern, sporty, and just as eco-conscious as the Earthkeepers boot. It’s great for adventurous days with its premium leather, lightweight structure, and comfortableness. The Eagle Bay Boot comes with Timberland’s SensorFlex technology, a three-layer system that provides that level of comfort, stability and a smooth experience for any surface you walk on.

The Eagle Bay Boot has an unmatched craftsmanship. It comes with a resilient lining made from 50 percent recycled plastic bottles, plus 34 percent recycled rubber. The Eagle Bay Boot embraces durability, functionality, and flexibility. This boot mixes Timberland’s rich heritage with the modern look of a shoe. It pairs perfectly with jeans, chinos, and a variety of other pant styles. The style comes in a great range of color waves that include Olive Nubuck, Medium Brown Nubuck. and Black Nubuck. Check it out at Timberland.com and Timberland specialty retail stores. Kudos to Timberland on another stellar, innovative launch!

*All photos by Timberland


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