City Flavors – A Taste of Local Bites: A feast for the palate and soul

A few weeks ago, I attended City Flavors – A Taste of Local Bites at the Highline. The event showcased 20 up and coming food entrepreneurs that prepared a great mix of savory food, vegan delights, and desserts. These individuals are residents of New York City Public Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings and Food Business Pathways (FBP) graduates. FBP is an 11-week program backed by Citi Community Development that trains residents on how to launch their food businesses. It gives them a wealth of new opportunities and resources to reach their goals. The event raised funding to help FBP graduates grow their ventures.

All 20 up and coming food entrepreneurs paired up with mentors from NYC’s top restaurants and food vendors. Some of these mentors included: Bill Telepan, Executive Chef at Oceana; Ardenia Brown, owner of Buttermilk Market; Jessica Weiss, pastry chef for four of Union Square Hospitality Group’s restaurants; and McKenzie Foster and Marco Lanuto, chefs and owners of FryGuys. Food tastings at the party included: banana cream pie pudding, mac and cheese, chicken empanadas, watermelon and feta salad, fried chicken bites, and chocolate cupcakes. Guests also enjoyed GuS – Grown-up Soda, wines by Martha Clara Vineyards, and some lively musical entertainment.

City Flavors – A Taste of Local Bites led to some new business opportunities for many of the FBP participants. I loved seeing the entrepreneurs’ innovative talents and passion. I’m glad that City Flavors – A Taste of Local Bites celebrated these 2 attributes and had a successful turnout. The FBP program has a significant impact on the NYHRA community. Here’s looking forward to next year’s event!

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