Eyebrow Lift procedure: A youthful look

An eyebrow lift is a simple yet effective way to enhance your eyes and get a revitalized look. Dr. Shahar at Natural Look Institute offers this noninvasive procedure. He has given his patients impressive results. They feel refreshed and confident with their rejuvenated appearances. Here’s more information on the procedure:

Reshaping and repositioning your eyebrows can make you look fresher and younger with no downtime. This innovative approach is a new technique created by Dr. Shahar.“I met many women complaining about drooping upper eyelids and Botox alone doesn’t help! I developed a technique that corrects heaviness and sagging of the upper lids and by that creates a powerful enhancement to the eyes.” Learn more by visiting https://www.naturallookinstitute.com/eyebrow-lift. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 212-717-4066 or by visiting naturallookinstitute.com.

Liposuction procedures at Natural Look Institute

A liposuction procedure doesn’t have to be painful or time-consuming. Dr. Shahar at Natural Look Institute performs this procedure with the utmost attention and minimal downtime.  It delivers impressive, lasting results such as the ones revealed in the photos above. You can schedule your free consultation today by calling 212-717-4066 or by visiting naturallookinstitute.com. Here’s more information about the procedure.

DON’T LOVE YOUR LOVE HANDLES? Remove them with a simple procedure under local anesthetic. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about liposuction…a minimal procedure with a major effect!! Learn more by visiting this link: https://www.naturallookinstitute.com/liposuction

Rhinoplasty: Natural and balanced results at Natural Look Institute

Dr. Shahar at Natural Look Institute is highly regarded for his procedures on the nose. He ensures that the look is natural and proportional to the rest of your face. You can see subtle yet improved results in the above photos. Here is more insightful information:

RHINOPLASTY WILL BALANCE YOUR FACIAL FEATURES Rhinoplasty surgery not only reshapes the nose but also has a significant effect on the balance of your facial features. Dr. Shahar will analyze your nose and advise you on the best way to correct the imperfection. Learn more by visiting  https://www.naturallookinstitute.com/nose-reshaping or call 212-717-4066 for your free consultation.


*Photos courtesy of Natural Look Institute

Visible Results with a Lunchtime Lift at Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute

In this set of images, you can see visible results from a Lunchtime Lift performed at Natural Look Institute by Dr. Shahar. The jawline is more pronounced and the nose is sleek in the photo on the right, giving balance and harmony to the face. The impressive results are natural and proportional to the facial features. Her face also looks more youthful and is glowing. Everything was done in under an hour. Here is some more information from Natural Look Institute:

Schedule your free consultation today by calling 212-717-4066 or by visiting naturallookinstitute.com. EVERYONE WILL NOTICE -NO ONE will know! Dr. Shahar, with his artistic finesse and expert technique, will achieve a younger looking you! He will custom tailor your improvements to compliment your unique individuality without changing your look…so everyone will notice but no one will know! Learn more by visiting the link in our bio.


My procedures’ results with Natural Look Institute

I wanted to share my before and after photos from my procedures at Natural Look Institute. In the first set of photos, you see that the depression areas under my eyes is strong and that my skin has some red spots and minor acne. The next set of photos is from a week after the fat injection procedure and the superficial peel. You can see that my eye areas look more open and youthful, and that my cheeks look lifted and fuller. My skin also looks dramatically better from the peel. I still have some minor swelling under my eyes, but overall I’m happy with the results. For non-invasive procedures that deliver maximum and immediate results, be sure to visit www.naturallookinstitute.com or call 212-717-4066!

Early Winter Promotion at Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute

Check out this awesome promotion from Natural Look Institute. If you refer a friend, both you will get 15% off. Whether you’re looking to do rhinoplasty, a chemical peel, or fat injections, this deal applies to all of the procedures. The promotion runs until the end of January. When you book, your appointment, please mention my name.  For a minimal procedure with maximum results, call 212-717-4066. Look and feel confident over the holidays and beyond!

Lunchtime Lift at Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute

Here’s a look at another procedure that Dr. Shahar at Natural Look Insitute performs:

This patient had a lunchtime lift, a new technique Dr. Shahar developed that is less invasive with minimal downtime to fit most people’s lifestyle. A short procedure, under local anesthetic with small hidden scars behind the ears. This procedure tightens the underline muscles and excess skin, defines your jawline, improves your neck laxity and overall look. If you are not ready for a facelift this can benefit you. Please call Dr. Shahar at 212-717-4066 to schedule a complimentary consultation or visit us at www.naturallookinstitute.com.

His approach is informative and friendly. Be sure to visit him!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: A little bit of this, a little bit of that

*All images courtesy of the brands

Looking for some last minute gift ideas? It’s not too late! Here’s a look at some of my favorite items to gift for the holiday season:

Elemis Pro-Collagen Deep Sea Duo- This gift set delivers soothing, nourished and firmer skin. It has Pro-Collagen Marine Oil 15ml and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich 30ml. Both products provide deep hydration and come in a gorgeously wrapped gift box. The products also smell amazing- what’s not to adore?!

Iconic Avon Beauty Classics Collection– This makeup gift is beyond cute with 3 beautiful palettes: Eyes of Golden Wonder Shadow Palette, Vol. I, She Dreams of Silver Shadow Palette Vol II, and In the Blush of Dawn Cheek Palette Vol III. The colors are vibrant and dreamy, and you can definitely mix them up. The palettes come in an iconic Avon sleeve and exude a cute library feel!

DARPIN HYDRASKIN Light Gel Cream– This cream wakes the skin’s moisture levels and protects its moisture barrier. It contains HYDRA-STRUCTURE™ Technology, a high-performance hydrating mixture of powerful ingredients from Nature (Salicornia Herbacea, Butterfly Lavender). The product gives you a luminous glow without that thick creamy feeling!

Boll & Branch Women’s Flannel Pajama Pants– These pants are super cozy and made with 100% organic cotton. They come in Red Modern Plaid and Pewter Herringbone. They’ll keep you warm and comfortable this holiday season and beyond!

Rivet Hexagon Contemporary Metal Candleholder– This wall-mounted tealight candle holder has  gold-finished metal that creates a series of five conjoined hexagons, each with a glass holder. It adds just the right amount of elegance to any room and looks great day or night. Indeed, it’s the perfect home décor addition!

Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream– This product deeply hydrates and rapidly heals dry, damaged and compromised skin. It has no dyes, sulfates, or parabens. It’s the natural way to get healthy skin and the packaging is so pretty!

Jane Iredale LIMITED EDITION Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit – Five super-saturated, universally wearable Eye Shadows with just a playful touch of shimmer: Spree, Wing-ding. Soiree, Shindig, Hootenanny. They’re highly pigmented, long-lasting and crease resistant. What a fun kit!

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio– This white wine is crisp and refreshing. It will please anyone’s palate and is great for holiday celebrations and parties year-round!

Men’s FlyRoam™ Waterproof Chukka Sneakers– These sneakers are ultra-stylish with breathable mesh linings and high-rebound cushioning. They’re available in Wheat Nubuck or Black Nubuck. They elevate any look and it’s great that they’re waterproof!

Men’s Timberland X Christopher Raeburn Short Sleeve Logo T-Shirt– This soft tee is made with recycled, organic and renewable materials. It features 100% organic cotton and is available in Black or Olive Green. The t-shirt is comfortable and exudes a cool swagger!

Women’s Sutherlin Bay Tall Slouch Boots– These boots were made for walking! You can wear them casually slouched or straight up and smooth. Either way, they look stylish and will never have stains since they have Defender Repellent Systems technology. They’re available in Dark Grey Suede, Brown Full Grain, and Black Full Grain.

With a range of beauty, fashion, home, and lifestyle products, this list offers a little something for everyone. Happy gift hunting and enjoy the holidays!

Nose procedures at Natural Look Institute

Photo by: Natural Look Institute 

Natural Look Institute has a strong reputation for its rhinoplasty procedures. Dr. Shahar knows how to deliver the right nose job procedure and even how to perform reconstructive surgery, all while giving you a subtly enhanced look. His knowledge and attention to detail is unparalleled. Here is more information about the procedure from the Natural Look Institute team:

Artistic Approach to the natural looking nose. Reshape your nose to get a balanced look. It is our desire to give you a new natural look that you can feel confident about. View our entire gallery of rhinoplasty procedures by visiting. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 212-717-4066 or visit us at https://www.naturallookinstitute.com/dr-shahar

December beauty favorites: Products that brighten my day!


Lately, I’m all about using beauty products and tools that make me feel good and that I have a great time using daily. I’m a sucker for great packaging and design too. Seriously, I get excited when I use these products! Here are some of my latest favorites that I highly recommend:

Dove Beauty Bar– This product is amazing at leaving my body’s skin smooth and radiant like no other soap can. It has a unique blend of mild cleansers and signature ¼ moisturizing cream. I started seeing results in a week! My skin feels hydrated, moisturized, and healthy. There are so many great varieties of the Beauty Bar such as Pink, Unscented, and Cool Moisture.

Color Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix– These lip formulas are so fun, and I love how they last for a long time. From neutrals to bright pops of color, they offer something for everyone. They come in creamy, matte, and ultra matte finishes with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin E. The color names are catchy too such as Little Tings, Sike, and Happy Thoughts.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix– This moisturizer is definitely my go-to. It soothes and protects skin from sun and environmental damage. It has hyaluronic acid and Sodium PCA that leaves skin moisturized all day. The product also gives you immediate hydration and reduces redness. It’s a gamechanger.

Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar– I finally found a bar soap that I can use on my face that isn’t too rich or over drying. It exfoliates and washes away deep-down impurities. The Charcoal Bar is infused with natural peppermint oil and scrubbing jojoba beads. I love how it leaves my skin tingly and refreshed.

EcoTools Start The Day Beautifully Kit– There are too many brushes out there to choose from so I like a kit takes out the guesswork. This brilliant kit has 5 cruelty-free brushes for creating full looks – Angled Foundation brush, Blurring brush, Defined Crease brush, Angled Liner, and Full Blush brush. Plus it has a storage case to keep me organized. It’s genius!

Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum– This product is great for addressing multiple skin concerns and I love how it’s customizable. It’s a universal base serum that can be combined with Five Concentrated Amplifiers (Hydration, Brightening, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, and Anti-Spot). The blended formula quickly penetrates and delivers healthy-looking skin. The bottle isn’t super bulky so I can have it with me on the go.

Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water– I’m digging water-based products and this is definitely one of my favorites. It has 100% Damask Rose extract and smells amazing. The formula soothes, gently exfoliates, and hydrates skin. I use it right after I wash my face and before I put on moisturizer.

Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence– Wow, this mist is the mother of all mists. It comes in a Calm variety to calmly radiate skin with Aloe Leaf, Chamomile and Vitamin B3. The mist is also available in an Energizing formula for waking up skin with Bergamot and Vitamin C. I use it any time of the day that my skin can use a pick me up or when I want to refresh my makeup look.

Winky Feliner liquid eyeliner in shade black cat– This cute little number is waterproof, doesn’t smudge, and gives me a perfect line every time. It also lasts all day, no joke. Meow!

Moroccanoil Treatment– This hair treatment product makes me so happy. It detangles, tames flyaways, and leaves hair smooth and shiny. Plus, it smells heavenly. I use it when I wash my hair and on blow dry days right before I use a hot tool.  What’s not to love?

Hope you enjoyed my picks. Let me know which one is your favorite!


*All images courtesy of the brands