FW17 Presentations: Lux materials and sophisticated chic styles

I’m a big fan of presentations during fashion week. While I enjoy the show format, presentations give a more intimate, close-up look at designers’ collections. I loved the FW17 presentation for Gudrun & Gudrun, a Faroese knitwear brand. It featured an assortment of mohair wool pieces such as a black and cream sweater, a black skirt with cream side panels, and my favorite piece- a lilac camisole. I couldn’t get over how soft all of the pieces felt! I enjoyed the craftsmanship, sophistication, and comfortable nature of the clothes.

The next FW17 presentation I enjoyed was for Kendall Miles, a designer shoe brand for the chic, fearless woman. Designed by Kendall Reynolds, the brand features show-stopping designs made with mink fur, patent leather, stretch suede, and other lux materials. All of the styles are fantastic though my favorites are the Xotic style in Blush, the Symphony style in Wine, and the Infinity style in Matte Red. The shoes exude sensual, elegant, and innovative flair.

Following this, I checked out Katie Gallagher’s FW17 presentation. Gallagher, a New-York based designer, is innovatively detail-focused and draws inspiration from her childhood, her life in New York City, art, and music. Her Hallow collection at the presentation impressed me with its incorporation of rich black and vibrant orange hues into military-inspired pieces. They’re structured yet sensual, and edgy yet sophisticated.

What a great mix of materials, styles, and creative energy!



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