A Candle Journey for the Win: Creating memorable experiences with Village Candle

A candle has an incredible way of telling a story, giving new light to a space, and transforming a room’s aroma. That’s why I was so excited to learn about Village Candle, a Stonewall Kitchen brand that’s based in Maine  that artfully and authentically combines ingredients. Each candle is inspired by a destination, time of year, color, or feeling. Every candle has two wicks, a concept that Village has pioneered to deliver a super clean, efficient burn and a memorable fragrance experience. The candles have unique names such as Citrus Dreams Candle, Mermaid Tales Candle, Anchors Aweigh Luminary Candle, and Secluded Dunes Candle.

I’ve had the opportunity to experience 3 of Village Candle’s remarkable offerings: Flickering Fireflies Luminary Candle, Harmony Candle, and Beachside Candle.

Flickering Fireflies Luminary Candle is composed of pink grapefruit, white lily flower, magnolia and musk notes. For me, it’s the perfect summertime scent that brings back beautiful childhood memories. Harmony Candle consists of cherries, violet, peach, and sandalwood notes. The combination of these elements delivers a peaceful essence for my mind and space. Beachside Candle is made up of sea salt, neroli blossom, white gardenia, vanilla orchid and beachwood notes. I dream of crashing waves, soft sand, and whimsical days when I light this candle…I almost feel like  I’m at the beach!

To say that I’m a fan of Village Candle is an understatement. I’m obsessed! I love how every candle has a long burn time and can really brighten up any room. My mood is instantly uplifted when I light one of Village Candle’s beauties. Whether you’re looking for innovative candles for yourself or as a gifts for special people in your life, Village Candle has the perfect selection for you!


*Photos courtesy of Village Candle

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